Bedford’s Charity Shop People

In July 2016, two pupils from Redborne Upper School in Ampthill attended work experience at a Bedford based digital agency called Narrative Industries. The article below is one of the things they produced during their placement. “We get donated underwear” Yes from that quote you’re guessing what this article is about. It is, in fact, about charity shops… well, sort…

Recipe: Modernist Fondue

by Daniel Fattorini It was supposed to be summer, heading towards the middle of July and we suffered daily downpours and regular thunderstorms. With barbecues out of bounds and summer salads just not enough to warm you up and dry you out, it felt like a wintry dish was more appropriate last week. I had…


Ivo Graham: Bedfringe Festival Comedy Q&A

Ivo Graham is the UK’s favourite young fogey/awkward posho and he’s coming back to Bedfringe his favourite Fringe of them all. You’re 25, but what age do you feel? Ivo: I have occasionally been described as a young fogey or an old man, which I always find very amusing, I’m flattered by it because it implies…


Paul Foot: Bedfringe Festival Q&A

We chatted to Paul whilst he was on the road, to find out about his show at next month’s Bedfringe Festival.   So, it’s your first new show in two years.. Paul: Basically it’s my job, every year or two is to come up with a new show, that is my hobby as well as…

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