Photographer Andy Gotts on snapping Hollywood’s famous faces

The Clanger’s Priya Gill caught up with Andy Gotts, renowned celebrity photographer to talk all things ‘snapping the stars’ ahead of his talk at the Quarry Theatre, where his BAFTA Behind The Mask Exhibition is on show until 30 October 2015 as part of this year’s Bedford Film Festival.

Famed for his ‘warts and all’ signature style, Andy takes great pride in his work, he says he was once called the ‘Goldfinger’ of photography in an interview, he says ,  “No one’s telling me what to do – I kind of love that compliment because it’s true.” He later adds,  “The only people I photograph are famous people…I don’t have staff, I don’t have assistants, I don’t have anyone. I used to be David Bailey’s assistant. I’ve been doing this for 25 years. It must have been in 1989 for six months and then I finished my first bit of education . I then worked for Leibovitz, she came over to the UK – to do a campaign for a card. On all these three occasions, all of these would have loads of assistants and the shoots would last for hours. I said to myself I will not have any assistants at all and do it all in half an hour.”

A Norwich native, Andy is clearly passionate about his experiences photographing some of the world’s most famous faces, Andy beams as he recalls shooting Tony Curtis, he says it ‘will take a lot to beat.’

Tony Curtis 2010 (AndyG Facebook)

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Find out how tracked Tony down:


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Listen to the Andy talk about how he made Liza laugh:


Andy tells us what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a photographer:

“If people can come to a film festival and see new or just released, or classic films and also have the opportunity to walk around and see some of the most famous Hollywood people, how they looked, un-retouched. That’s exactly how Lauren – Betty Bacall looked. The Pacino picture, he’s got hairs coming out of a wart. I want people to be able to come to a film festival and see reality, not just a Vanity Fair, glossy idealistic look of how an actor is – this is how they look.”

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