28 Photos That Prove Bedford is Beautiful

Do you live in Bedford, but you’re not loving it? Feeling a bit uninspired by your surroundings?

Then look no further than the @LiveBedford Instagram account,  set up by local photographers Cat Lane and Faith Dwight, to showcase all that is beautiful about Bedford.


Cat and Faith’s Phonetography tips 

  • Use the camera on your phone, specifically the square mode – then share to Instagram
  • Try and find the light, for a clean, bright, well-lit shot
  • Download and use the VSCO Cam App for filters

Don’t forget to use #livebedford  to share your photos!


We’ve rounded up our faves from the inspiring instagallery.

Is it Spring yet? || Thanks for the reminder that the sun will shine again, @kelly.gould! #livebedford

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