Alzheimer’s needs your Support

By Kris Wilkinson-Hughes

Recently, as I concluded another Frogs’ Chorus session, the group that comes in after me seemed rather down. It turns out that the Bedford Council has stopped funding the support services they offer to carers and those suffering from the Alzheimers. Currently the Council website
says: ‘Carer Information and Support Programmes run several times a year in various locations, for carers to attend and receive information and support to aid them with caring for a person living with dementia. ‘ You should know that this is no longer the case. For the next three years, unless funding is found elsewhere, these services will (they will have ceased for six weeks by the time you read this). Oh, you can get help, if you can find the time to phone in. But no one will know your face personally, they won’t visit you at home and there will be no respite session to sit and talk with someone while your loved one plays a game, sings a song or enjoys a cup of tea made by someone other than yourself.
I am aghast. This support is essential to those bearing the burden of caring for a loved one with alzheimers. Most of these people are older and struggle without this support. Clanger fans! Bedford! We must rally!

Please phone 01234 327380 (option 1) or email or contact the society through their
webpage to see how we can help them recover the funds to offer these services.

Alzheimers is the number one killer now over heart disease. These services are needed now more than ever!

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