Ivo Graham: Bedfringe Festival Comedy Q&A

Ivo Graham is the UK’s favourite young fogey/awkward posho and he’s coming back to Bedfringe his favourite Fringe of them all.
You’re 25, but what age do you feel?
Ivo: I have occasionally been described as a young fogey or an old man, which I always find very amusing, I’m flattered by it because it implies some sort of wisdom. What they actually mean is this guy is rubbish at being
young, he’s so awkward…
How are you going to make us laugh…or cry at Bedfringe?
Ivo: I fear that there won’t be any tears, I haven’t yet mastered it.It’ll be more of what I do, charming family anecdotes, a coming of age story, gentle life lessons with a very occasional dark twist. I loved my degree, I’ll occasionally make a reference to some horribly pretentious French literature reference in the hopes that one equally smug twat in the audience will laugh, then they’ll be a fan forlife. The problem is, it’s too niche.
Is Bedford’s Quarry Theatre a safe space?
Ivo: Yes, it is a safe space, that’s exactly how I would describe it. I feel extremely comfortable as a sort of slightly awkward but well spoken young man in the Home Counties.

Who or what inspires the show?Ivo: There are a few acts who really inspire me, my act hasn’t hugely changed in the last few years. I’m a huge fan of Simon Amstell  who does very thoughtful, reflective, existential stand-up but is very funny with it.  I’m a fan of the stand-up of John Richerton – he talks about insecurity and minor mental health issues and social anxieties he’s very funny with it. I’m a big fan of Sara Pascoe who talks about societal issues, history and gender. Those are the sort of people whose footsteps I would like tread in. I’m trying to basically make stories about of my life, with opinions on things; those are three people who do that really well.


What do you get up to when you’re not writing?

Ivo: I’m trying to read more because I’ve forgotten how to do that because of the increasing frazzling of my brain by the internet and Buzzfeed. I’m trying to do more handwritten letters, keep up my correspondence. And see more of my family and friends. I’ve become a running bore; I’m trying to get more out in the open…. I’m essentially becoming healthier and more tedious.

What have enjoyed watching recently?
Ivo: Me and my girlfriend have become one of those box set couples; where the watching of Scandinavian drama has replaced any sort of meaningful interaction with each other. We’re watching The Bridge at the moment. She’s also got me into an American show called It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It’s great. I’ve hugely enjoyed People Just Do Nothing, a UK comedy which was on BBC Three quite recently; it’s an amazing mockumentary about a West London grime collective. I’ve been listening to a lot of the lovely R.E.M.
Do you have any fave stationary?
Ivo: Yes, I do, I love the Pilot Uniball pens – they’re very standard you see them sold in packs of three – I love them! Paper I’m a bit more whatever’s going, I’m not as particular about that, ideally quality bond. The more beautiful the better, I’ve got a lovely writing case on my desk which I like organising about once a week, just to make sure everything is neat. GOD I LOVE IT!
Tickets £8.50 – £9.50, 27 July, 7:30 – 8:30 pm, The Studio At The Quarry Theatre




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