Interview: Wolf People: Watch them wreck the mic – psych !

Fuzz rockers Wolf People return with a new album ‘Ruins’ and tour this November, including a date at Esquires on Thursday 17th November. A great live act, they seamlessly weave delicate sounds with massive slabs of sonic-ness. Fuzz fan Lloyd got to speak to Bedfordian front man, Jack Sharp about Bedford and the new long player.

Side A: Bedford Town…

Bedford Clanger: Fave place to eat in Bedford?
Jack Sharp: There’s an Indian take away in Midland road called Bala and it’s amazing.

BC: If you were mayor of Bedford what would add or change to the town?
JS: Hmm, I’d have a record shop/bar or, rather selfishly, a swimming pool near my house.
BC: Favourite Bedfordshire village?
JS: Old Warden? That’s quite posh…I guess Clophill, as it’s the village I grew up in plus there are plenty of spooky local stories, Clophill church, the Hanratty A6 murder and plenty of other stuff.

BC: Most interesting local venue you’ve played?
JS: Bromham Mill is a lovely venue, we first played in the cafe once which was a bit weird as it was un-amplified and someone was trying to talk to us while we were playing!

BC: Have you been to the Anglian Wolf Society?
JS: No but Tom has, I’d like to go, maybe we could get special discount to get in there…

BC: First band you saw in Bedford?
JS: That would have been S*M*A*S*H at the old Bedford Civic Theatre in around 1995? There was a matinee planned for younger ones but that was cancelled and the evening show was all ages. A great first gig; punky, sweaty, stagediving, then get picked up by your mum!

BC: Fave pub in Bedford?
JS: That’s a tricky one, there are a few nice ones but I’d have to say ‘the Welly’ (Wellington Arms)

Side B: Band talk…

BC: Most interesting country/town have you played since the last album?
JS: The summer before last we played Pickathon Festival in Portland, Oregon which was great – set in a woods, we stayed in a tent and the festival had a carbon neutral theme, so everyone would clear up, there was no litter at all…

BC: Influences on the new album?
JS: As a band we don’t always get the chance to get together until we’re recording and touring, so when we’re in the van, that’s when we play stuff.  It has been early UK gritty rock and Gangster rap (though that doesn’t directly come across in the music).
BC: aww, no sirens and posturing then…
JS: Folk music doesn’t really play well in a van, that’s better for headphones…

BC: You got folky as MarissaJacknDavey – are there any other side projects lined up?
JS: Yes, I’ve been performing with Marissa & Davey, doing the folk/harmony thing, Tom (drums) has been working with a Swedish band, Joe (guitar) recently had a baby, so that’s his side project and Dan (bass) has been doing solo stuff as well. I think it’s good to do our own stuff and get the folk or whatever out of our system, then get back to the band.

BC: Who did the artwork for the new album?
JS: A guy called Luke Insect, who we were lucky to get, a great renowned graphic artist. We originally got to know him as a friend of someone at the record label, and did a cover back in 2006, so as its 10 years it’s gone full circle with the new artwork…

Wolf People play Bedford Esquires, Thursday 17th November.
Tickets £10 in advance, Esquires Bar, Planet Boutique and Mario’s Hair Design in Kempston.


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