Max McMurdo hosts upcycling workshop at local homeless charity

On Monday 19th December, TV presenter, furniture designer and upcycler extraordinaire, Max McMurdo, visited homeless charity, Emmaus Village Carlton to speak to companions and share his expertise on upcycling furniture.

Max told Emmaus companions about how he got in to upcycling and how they can produce bespoke pieces of furniture with the items that the public have donated to the Emmaus shop.

In the afternoon the companions spent time in the workshop upcycling furniture they had chosen from the  Emmaus Home Store. The companions chose to upcycle items that were not in saleable condition in a bid to give them a new lease of life and avoid them going to landfill.

Items that were upcycled included a wicker rocking chair, two wooden chairs, and two bar stools. A suitcase was ingeniously upcycled in to a dressing table and a TV unit was transformed into a potting shed.

Cocktail o'clock!

Cocktail o’clock!

Ian O’Hara, Community Director at Emmaus Village Carlton said: “It was a fantastic day; there was such a buzz in the workshop as companions worked on their pieces. The workshop created a real sense of togetherness among the group too. Re-using items is an important part of what Emmaus does. If we can upcycle items that we would usually recycle or send to landfill then this will produce extra revenue for the charity and also enable companions to develop their skills”.

Max McMurdo and Companions

Max McMurdo and Companions


Max, a keen supporter of Emmaus said: “It was such a brilliant day, enjoyed by companions and volunteers alike. The sense of diversity and innovation in the designs was amazing and the atmosphere and enthusiasm within the workshop was great to see. Not only did we create a sense of inspiration amongst the companions but also created some beautiful pieces of furniture to sell in the home store at Emmaus Village Carlton.



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