Skeptics in the Pub: A former RE Teacher’s Guide to Non-Belief

Thursday 19th January, 7.30pm at the North End Social Club, Roff

Kick off the new year with a sceptical night out at the North End Social Club. January 2017 sees Kevin Precious, a former RE teacher turned stand-up comedian, taking the stage.  Besides having played many of the top clubs in the land, he also promotes shows in arts centres and theatres under the Barnstormers Comedy banner. He has previously toured the country with a stand-up show entitled ‘Not Appropriate’, dedicated to the business of teaching.

In between the various comedic activities, he attends his local humanist group – he’s an agnostic, folks – where he loves a good old debate about the big questions in life.  Expect jokes and stories about his time as an RE teacher, being a humanist, the God-Shaped Hole, and the philosophy of religion… and you can ask him a few questions of your own afterwards, if you wish.

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