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“Violence and Millenarian Movements”

A two-day symposium on the broad subject of Violence and Millenarian Movements. Violence has been envisaged and perpetrated by, and upon, millenarian movements for as long as they have existed. This symposium explores the motivations, causes, consequences and effects of violence for contemporary and historical millenarian movements. With Keynote presentations from Stuart Wright, Lamar University,…


Support The Higgins!

Joining The Friends of The Higgins Bedford is a great way to support the art gallery and museum. The Friends’ scheme offers an excellent range of benefits including exclusive behind the scenes events, discounted tickets and special offers. This month, the Friends of the Higgins is hosting Call My Lot, an entertaining panel quiz (including…


Violence and Millenarian Movements – Symposium at Panacea Museum

The Centre for the Critical Study of Apocalyptic and Millenarian Movements (CenSAMM) is an initiative of the Panacea Charitable Trust in Bedford, UK and is led by Panacea trustees, Justin Meggitt (University Senior Lecturer in the Critical Study of Religion, University of Cambridge) and Christopher Rowland (retired in 2014 as Dean Ireland’s Professor of the…

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