Alexis Taylor & Green Gartside at Esquires 10 December 2017

Ahead of their rare & intimate performance at Esquires on Sunday 10th December, The Clanger’s Lloyd Lugsden secured an EXCLUSIVE interview with Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) & Green Gartside (Scritti Politti).  As ever, Lloyd asks the burning questions, such as what they’re doing for Christmas, book recommendations and, his best yet: ever seen a ghost?  Find out now…
Green fronted Scritti Politti in the 70s and 80s and mixed post punk with timeless pop, achieving numerous chart hits and many posters in Smash Hits. His solo work is more eclectic, with hip-hop influences.
Alexis Taylor fronts Hot Chip, a band that manages alt-electronica with anthemic pop singles. His solo project consists of more fragile piano compositions.
Part of a small tour, this double bill features top musicianship, exquisite vocals and genuine warmth between the artists. 
Bedford Clanger: Any memories of Bedford?
Alexis Taylor: I remember a man shouting at me that I needed to have “Smack My Bitch Up” by The Prodigy when I DJed in Bedford once. I didn’t have it nor did I agree with his viewpoint.
On a happier note my dad is from Bedford and he recently went back to look at where he grew up. So, technically, not my own happy memories, but some happy thoughts nonetheless.
Green Gartside: Bedford ? Its up the wooden hill isn’t it ? I expect to have fond memories of Bedford after Alexis and I play there .
BC:How did you get to hook up with each other?
AT: We met in the pub once when Green was holding a Biz Markie doll he had recently picked up. I had been stalking him for a while knowing this was the pub he liked to drink in but it was Biz Markie – and Mercury Prize nomination – that connected us finally.
GG: We met up purely by chance while cruising on the Norfolk Broads
BC: Alexis, Were you a Scritti Politti fan ‘back in the day’?
AT: My oldest brother was so we had ‘Oh Patti’ on 7” at home and I knew that. I was amazed that Miles Davis was also playing on it! A little before I met Green I got into his first album ‘Songs To Remember’ and then the Rough Trade compilation of early singles so I was a small fan from ‘back in the day’ and then slightly more of a fan a few years before meeting him, but still small.

Green appeared regularly in Smash Hits in the 1980s.

BC: Last music you bought/acquired?
AT: Moritz von Oswald & Ordo Sakhna – double 10” on Honest Jon’s.
GG: Famous Dex and Trippie Red.
BC: Favourite music venue in the UK?
AT: Servant Jazz Quarters in London.
GG: umm ..The Barbican ?? downstairs at Benny’s ?
BC: Recommend a book?
AT: Pier Paolo Pasolini – The Long Road of Sand
GG: Philosophy and Social Hope by Richard Rorty
BC: Plans for Christmas?
AT: Family gatherings, Quorn Roast, then go to Reykjavik to play a gig
GG: Making beats with a hangover …bit like every other day to be honest
BC: Ever seen a ghost?
AT: No.
GG:  I AM a ghost.
BC: Alexis, fave Scritti Politti / Green song?
AT: Asylums in Jerusalem
BC: Green, fave Hot Chip song?
GG: Now There Is Nothing
BC: What’s on an Alexis Taylor & Green Gartside rider?
AT: Guinness and salted peanuts
GG: Peanuts, Guinness,  pizza, shiraz.
Tickets are £15 advance, on sale now from:
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 This is a 14+ ages show, under 16’s to be accompanied by an adult


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