Bar flies

This Spring, Bedford has been blessed with two new bars, both offering great drinks, great atmosphere and great music.

First up, we met with Matt and Jess, owners of The Third Place on St Peter’s Street and naturally, our first question was about the name. The ‘third place’ was conceived by urban sociologist, Roy Oldenburg.  The ‘first place’ is home, the ‘second place’ is work and the ‘third place’ is an anchor of community life that facilitates and fosters broader, more creative interactions.  Sounds like the perfect place to us!

“The ‘third place’ can be anything from a community centre to a café – anywhere that functions as hub,” explained Matt.  “I was researching bars in Japan and discovered lots of bars in Tokyo that run on ‘third place principles’. We totally believe in the philosophy; open to everyone and completely egalitarian. It sums up what we’re about.”  Of course, they’re also about great drinks and music. “For us, music is part of the whole night out,” said Jess.  “DJs here will be exploring different genres, it’s not just about dance music. Our ‘Classic Album Thursdays’ in April include the Beatles, Nuyorican Soul and The Jam. There’s something for everyone at the Third Place!”  For more information, check out their Facebook page.

Just down the road, Oh You Pretty Things has opened its doors beneath Meatcure at 100 High Street.  With a speakeasy vibe and a beautifully stocked bar, it’s already attracting a loyal following.

The Underground Basement Jam is taking over on Saturday 8th April with DJs Marin, Gian and Aidy, so check out their social media pages for more details, including forthcoming DJs and live music.  With a capacity of 110, this intimate venue is a great place to begin or end your night out. Cheers!


Editor of The Bedford Clanger, organiser behind BedPop, an events manager and a freelance copywriter

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