Clanger interview: Party time with the Dub Pistols

Dub Pistols return to Bedford Esquires on Saturday 1st April as part of their 20th Anniversary tour. Blending ska, hip hop, reggae, punk & funk, this lot know how to get the party started and have collaborated the likes of Terry Hall and Rodney P over the years.  Lloyd Lugsden spoke to head Pistol, Barry Ashworth just before teatime about mountain gigs and Helen from the Post Office….

Bedford Clanger: You’re a touring veteran now, where’s the most obscure place you’ve played?
Bary Ashworth: Ah, well, we played in Malaysia, on a mountain and the hotel was in the clouds. Guess that was quite obscure

BC:  Playing any festivals this year?
BA: Camp Bestival, Bliss Fields, Electric Gardens, plus Djing at Beatherder, too many to mention…!

BC: Anyone left you’d still like to work with?
BA: Yes, always, I’ve always been a fan of Roots Manuva and have respect for him, Ian Brown – working on that and (Paul) Weller –  so many great people out there…

BC: Best thing about Arlesley?
BA: Ha ha! Erm, the train station out of there? (Sorry Hertfordshire, Ed) best thing? Helen in the Post Office!

BC: You’re known for your energetic live shows and legendary partying – where do you get your stamina from?
BA: it’s just what we do. We like to have a good time and to party. Nowadays it’s a bit more controlled but we still party on stage. The crowds are great, we feed off of that and it goes back and forth…

BC: Can you tell us anything about your forthcoming film ‘What could possibly go wrong?’
BA: That’s been five to six years in the making, it shows EVERYTHING about being in a band – it’s honest. The ups and downs, the perils, Mad stuff. It should be out at the end of the year. And the new album should be ready for the summer…

BC: Tell us about your beer, Bad Uncle Barry
BA: that came about at Beatherder festival, the brewery guys go up the festival, they like the Dub Pistols and that was the nick name they gave me; the cool uncle, the man your mum SHOULD have married! So we got together and they came up with a pale ale craft beer.

Tickets from plus Esquires bar, Boutique Planet and Mario’s Hair in Kempston

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