Clanger interview: PINS

Bedford has a treat this April with Manchester band PINS playing Esquires on the 20th. The feisty punk/indie act have hooks and menace aplenty. Currently playing up and down the country, they’re all over the radio and they got punk godfather Iggy Pop to collab with them. The group consists of singer/guitarist Faith Holgate, guitarist Lois McDonald, bassist Anna Donigan, and drummer Sophie Galpin.  Lloyd Lugsden managed to ‘pin’ down Lois between gigs…
Any knowledge of Bedford?
L – Not yet, this’ll be our first time playing there.  Hope they like a party there tho.

Where did the band name come from?
L – We wanted a short name and it was the only one we all liked!

Any festivals this year?
L – Yeah we have a few over summer which will be announced soon, and we are playing Festevol in Liverpool on the 30th April with some really good bands including Black Honey, Dream Wife, Big Moon, Cabbage… the whole line up is great! We’re also playing Festival No.6 which I can’t wait for.  I went to Portmeirion last year and I love it there.


L – We are all into different stuff, which makes it interesting when we’re jamming ideas out but bands we have in common are Bleached, Sunflower Bean, Hookworms, Dilly Dally, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Fat White Family, Joy Division, Velvet Underground, The Kills… loads really.

How was working with Mr (Iggy) Pop?

L – Great! It all happened quite quickly, Faith had written him a letter and it was just a few weeks between that and the track being finished.  He recorded his vocals over in Miami and sent them over to us to mix. 

What makes you dance?
L – Most things


What do you recommend in Manchester?
L – There’s loads of cool places to go for a drink and see bands (that we also filmed a few videos in) – Temple, Gullivers, The Castle, Deaf Institute, Islington Mill… The White Hotel is worth checking out if you want to do something different and in the middle of the night.  HOME is great, it’s a cinema and art gallery… Or you cold go get your picture taken outside the Salford Lads Club.

Is being vegan and touring tricky?
L – It’s not too bad for us because three of us are vegan and two are vegetarian so we usually look for the best vegan places to go in town.  We welcome recommendations.  Manchester has a great diner called V Rev, and if you’re stuck anywhere in the world.. there’s always falafel. Touring America/Canada was easy, we had the best Vegan Pizza in Toronto at Apiecalyse Now!

Recommend a book?
L – My favourite book ever is Nausea by Jean-Paul Satre. 

Tickets £9 from see and Esquires. Baby In Vain and Kyogen support



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