Imagining the future

Commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts and created by artist Andy T Field in collaboration with children from Shortstown Primary School, Lookout is a one-to-one encounter between an adult audience member and a child performer. Looking out over the panoramic view from the 5th floor of the Bedford College Tower Block, the conversation shared is a quiet contemplation on what the future of the town that we call home might be…

Though just a short, 30-minute experience, Lookout creates the opportunity for adults to have a serious, yet playful conversation with young people that they might not otherwise meet. Through an interaction led by the young performer they discuss the town they see laid out in front of them and imagine how it might be when the child is the same age as their adult companion. Together they tell a story about the relationship between past, present and future; a story of buildings old and new, of hopes, fears, memories, ambitions and disasters real and imagined.

‘Small, simple but hugely evocative’ (Lyn Gardner, The Guardian on Lookout at Motor Vehicle Sundown)

Tickets £3. 10th and 11th June
To book go to
Each performance approx. 30-minute duration.
Age Guidance: 15+


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