Unique Bedford: Slide Record Shop

Since 2013, Bedford has been without a dedicated record shop. The gap has been filled by the quarterly BedPop Record Shops and weekly Vinyl Barn stall on Bedford Market, but record buyers have had to travel further afield to get the latest releases. But they need travel no longer!  Long-time music lover, vinyl addict and DJ, Warren Alsop has returned from London to his Bedfordshire roots to bring Slide Records to the Victorian Arcade. And we’re thrilled!

Born and bred in Bedfordshire (Dunstable, to be exact), Warren spent his adult life working in the City, while music was always his hobby.  “I DJ’d part-time and never adapted to CDs,” said Warren.  “I’ve always collected records and loved spending time in record shops and at fairs. Sadly, outside of major cities, the number of records shops went into dramatic decline.  I left the City when I turned 50, met my (now) wife Nerys and in 2015 we moved to Jordon where she worked for an NGO during the Syrian refugee crisis.  When our son was born, we wanted to move back to the UK and came to Bedford for a visit. We’d looked at the Clanger online (Awww, shucks! – Ed) and realised that we’d found the right location.” Warren was aware of the pop up record shops and realised that with Esquires, the Pad Presents, Herd and the Third Place, that Bedford had a great music scene that would welcome the addition of a record shop.  Catering to all genres, Slide Records has turntables and headphones so you can ‘try before you buy’ plus a seating area where you can flick through a copy of Bill Brewster’s ‘How to DJ (properly)’, Graham Jones’ ‘Last Shop Standing’ or the latest issue of the Bedford Clanger.

9 The Arcade, Bedford, MK40 1NS Tel: (01234) 261603

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