#bedfordindies: Beerfly

By Paul Hutchinson

St. Cuthbert’s Street is set to become even more of a destination location with Beerfly, a new beer shop and taproom, due to open this month.

There’s an old saying that if you don’t like beer, you just haven’t found the right one. Beerfly’s owner, Tim Edwards, is giving everyone a chance to put this to the test, offering hundreds of beers and styles from all over the world in bottles, cans, reusable flagons, or draught in the onsite taproom. “Beerfly will offer something for everyone. Beers, ciders, and even brew kits if people want to start having a go at brewing themselves,” says Tim. “People who want to try something new will love what we’re bringing to Bedford.”

Bedford born and bred, Tim isn’t just looking for beers from further afield. As well as the obvious brewers, there are also some smaller breweries on our doorstep. “There are some excellent microbreweries nearby, but it can be difficult to get hold of their beers daily. We’ll be helping with that and stocking beers brewed on our doorstep, but it won’t just be wildly hoppy or wacky saisons, we’ll also be stocking real ales and a few traditional styles too. Something for everyone and in a way that matches their lifestyle.”

Beefly is certain to become part of your St Cuthbert’s Street night out. Early beers before a burger at Herd, with cocktails at Bears and Tales to finish. St. Cuthbert’s Street is a hub of indie retailers and supporting them all on Friday night just got a hell of a lot tastier. Cheers!

Opening times: Tue-Wed 12:00 to 19:00, Thu-Sat 12:00 to 21:00 and Sun 12:00 to 18:00

You can find out more at www.facebook.com/BeerflyShop
45 St Cuthbert’s St, Bedford MK40 3JG  beerflyshop.co.uk/


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