Clanger citizen journalist review: Beauty & the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Performed at The Place Theatre by Lamphouse Theatre

On 15thDecember 2018

Review by Isabelle Brazier

Wow, this is my last review already!

This performance was a great one to finish on. It was based on the original beauty and the beast story, but it was a bit different. Instead of father it was her mother and loads more brothers and sisters, it was based in the present instead of the past, and her name was ‘B’ not Belle. She was brave, adventurous and cool.

Instead of being told by a candlestick the story was told by three funny French waiters that played music and had silly accents. There was still some talking furniture though!

My favourite thing was the beast costume as it was really clever how they made it. They used branches like a willow. It made him scary but a bit sad too.

The best bit was when they had cardboard houses for the village and little pegs for the villagers, and used silly voices that was really funny.

At the end they made fun of all that kissy, kissy stuff which is a bit embarrassing. 

I’ve enjoyed being the young reviewer- good luck to the next one, I’m looking forward to seeing some shows with my family for fun!

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