Clanger Citizen Journalist Review: Princess Charming

By Isabelle Brazier (aged 9)

Princess Charming [performed by Spun Glass Theatre on 21 October at The Place] is an all aged must-see performance and I loved it.

It shows that girls can like blue and dinosaurs and boys can like pink and princesses. The front row seats had cushions in pink and blue and some that flipped the colours, and lighting that changed… and they had plates of sweets!

At the start of the show the actors told us it would be a cabaret. The two actors play different characters to show examples and tell short stories that boys can like girl things and girls can like boy things.

Some of the stories were happy, some were funny and some were sad. It made me think that is doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, because you can be whoever you want to be!

My favourite part was when Charlotte hula-hooped and played a song on the ukulele at the same time! Charlotte sang about how people thought she should act because she was a girl.

When the show ended the actors asked us to come on stage and play with their toys and that was FUN! We could try on the costumes from a big selection box. I tried robot hands and made an attempt to juggle with them, but it didn’t work.

I think they should do this show in my school assembly because all children should be passed on the message that boys can like girl things and girls can like boy things and I like both boy things and girl things.



Editor of The Bedford Clanger, organiser behind BedPop, an events manager and a freelance copywriter

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