Clanger interview: The Scruff

Bedford indie-rock band The Scruff, aren’t putting their feet up after their mega run of festival dates and a summer spent flirting with Radio 1.

They’re just about to launch their new single ‘Let You Down (I won’t)’, so The Clanger’s Lloyd Lugsden managed to catch up with singer Adam Urwin to find out more…

Bedford Clanger: What’s the single about?

Adam Urwin:  It’s actually an old song we re-recorded, and it’s about looking out for your mates. This is poignant, as straight after the recording, our drummer Omar was diagnosed with needing a kidney transplant.

BC: Did it take long to write?

AU: It’s a classic bedroom song, written in the bedroom and the first version was recorded in the garage.

BC: Do you have a song writing process?

AU: It varies, originally I’d present material and we’d record but now it’s more of a collective effort, with the whole band bringing stuff to the table and working from there.

BC: Is there a b side as such? Or any other tracks to accompany the single?

AU: No, that’s the main track.

BC: Plans for 2019?

AU: To record and release a full album, not just collected singles but songs written together to form a full body of work that has a flow to it. Today it’s easy just to pick single songs from Spotify, rather than listen through a whole album.

Let You Down (I won’t ) is available through iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

To register as an organ donor, please visit the NHS link here.

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