Clanger review: As You Like It

Performed at The Place Theatre on  23 September 2018

Reviewed by Isabelle Brazier ( Age 9 )

I read a children’s version of ‘As you like it’ without the Shakespeare language before I came to see the show.  The Pantaloons used Shakespeare’s words in a way I could understand which made it funny! This surprised me, especially when they said things that weren’t in the script!

As You Like It is a story about love, mix ups like other Shakespeare plays, and it made me laugh a lot.


The famous bit is ‘All the world is a stage’ and the seven ages of man.

The ‘dabbing’ puppet ‘Charles’ was hilarious because it was very silly.

There were lots of jokes, music, madness and talking to the audience. It was like a pantomime!

The actors were very good and had to keep swapping parts and going on and off and around the stage, but they played each character very differently so I didn’t get mixed up.

Even thought there was lots of Shakespeare I wasn’t bored!

I give it five stars (ten if I could) and I can’t wait to see them again in The Odyssey next spring!


I’m Isabelle, age nine ½ I live in Bromham, Bedford with my two crazy little sisters.

I enjoy drawing, dancing and reading, especially funny books about growing up.


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