Clanger Culture Correspondents: Don’t Get Locked In…

Recently, our Clanger Culture Correspondents accepted a top secret mission to the Don’t Get Locked In escape room near Leighton Buzzard.

Find out what the CCC thought of their day out and, more importantly, did they escape?…

This was the family’s first time experiencing an escape room and we were all really looking forward to the challenge.

Don’t Get Locked In… is an escape room near Leighton Buzzard with two rooms and two levels of difficulty. Due to the ages of the children we were advised to try the Secret Hut.

The Secret hut is set up as an office in 1940’S war-torn England. Your team has 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and escape the room with the secret plans in a bid to help win the war.

As soon as you enter the room the clock starts ticking.

There are just enough clues hidden within the room to get you started and once you solve one puzzle more clues open up. If you get stuck on a clue there is an iPad on the wall that will give you an additional clue.

Part of the challenge for us was to complete puzzles with as little help as possible.

Being in the room was great fun, very exciting and it definitely encouraged all the family to work as a team.

With only a few minutes left on the clock the adrenalin really kicks in as the excitement builds.

We needed a few extra clues but managed to escape the room with only 1min 43 seconds remaining.

The whole family loved this experience and will be going back in the very near future to try to escape the other room.

Clanger star rating:

Jonathan *****

Emma *****

Oscar *****

Rosie *****

Great family day out… 5 Stars

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