Ethics and Well-being


Eating Disorder Awareness Week

by Hannah Brown @aneartohearlb Raising awareness  of mental illness is always a bit of a minefield, we can all read the facts and  statistics that underpin the illnesses’ existence but to actually understand what it feels like, how it takes over ones life and rules our very being- well that is something quite different. Eating…


CenSAMM: Bedford’s religious Panacea Society’s legacy leads to international examination of apocalyptic threats: climate change, violence, artificial intelligence

When Mabel Barltrop formed The Panacea Society in Albany Road in Bedford in 1919 she had no idea that she was planting the seeds of a legacy that would help us understand the existential threats of the 21st century world, but that is exactly what has happened. The last member of the reclusive community died…


Mental Health Mates meet again!

In early March, a mental health support group launched in Bedford, joining over 20 other towns and cities throughout the UK to provide peer support in a casual and informal environment. So successful was the inaugural meeting and walk, that Mental Health Mates, led by volunteer Lesley Quinn, will meet on the first Saturday of…


Ethics: A Rush of Blood?

By Lucy Bywater I recently reached a little milestone for which I unexpectedly received a certificate and pin badge in the post: I’d donated blood a total of ten times. The certificate is with the other stuff stuck to the fridge and to be honest I probably won’t be wearing the badge but I do…


Alzheimer’s needs your Support

By Kris Wilkinson-Hughes Recently, as I concluded another Frogs’ Chorus session, the group that comes in after me seemed rather down. It turns out that the Bedford Council has stopped funding the support services they offer to carers and those suffering from the Alzheimers. Currently the Council website says: ‘Carer Information and Support Programmes run several times…

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