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Gunns Bakery launches ‘The Daddy’ of all clangers for Father’s Day

Bedford-based Macadamia nut supplier Nutcellars recently teamed-up with Clanger aficionado, David Gunns of Gunns Bakery to revive the traditional Bedfordshire Clanger in a bid to give it a macadamia-themed gastronomic makeover.  A competition was launched for clanger enthusiasts to come-up with a new clanger combo to create a ‘MacClanger’, incorporating macadamia nuts in their recipes….


Summer Term Reads with James Cross

As home schooling has entered the summer term it’s great to remember to try to get your kids to read for pleasure and here are a few titles for those aged 9 plus (which a grown up might like to give a try as well!) The Strangeworlds Travel Agency – L.D. Lapinski Flick and her…


Book Review with James Cross – Burn and Hideous Beauty

The last few weeks have had some major releases and there are two that might get passed over that I wanted to highlight. Technically these are Young Adult, but the distinctions these days with ‘regular’ fiction are blurred, they’re just good stories. First there is Burn by Patrick Ness. It’s 1957, Cold War America, and…


Book Review with James Cross

Another month has gone by and the world has certainly changed a bit! Reading now more than ever is a brilliant escape. During April the six books shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2020 were announced, with the winner being declared in September. My choice this month is one of the shortlist. Dominicana by…

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